Our Story

Two mothers and two daughters brought together by diabetes. Both Alita and Anna had a rough start to 2022. Alita had already lost 2 toes 18 months prior. She battled for her life. In October 2022, she was faced with a below the knee amputation.

Anna lost her diabetic alert dog, Leo, of 7.5 years who was critical to her care. Anna then ended up in the hospital multiple times since Leo wasn’t there to alert.

Both ladies needed to lean on the community to help them during these trying times.   After connecting, Lorie, Anna and Alita expressed how they wanted to continue helping other diabetics during their struggles. One lunch later and Dear Diabetes was created.  This dream started to become a reality.


Dear Diabetes’ mission is to provide diabetes education, awareness and resources to a diverse audience while supporting individuals with limited resources/ funds to manage their diabetic care successfully.


Dear Diabetes’ Vision is to grow a community by outreach, grants, events and partnerships to help create a safe place for diabetics to thrive and live their best life.


T * I * R * E – Always Rolling Forward

Teamwork * Integrity * Respect * Excellence

Even when you feel like life is plowing through you, with Teamwork, Integrity, Respect and Excellence you can achieve greatness.

Founding Team

Board Members